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14 December 2019

Motorcycles used on training courses

Motorcycles and scooters we use for learning to ride

Here at ART we take everything we do very seriously including the bikes that we teach you on. We buy BRAND NEW bikes every 3 to 6 years, not replace them with secondhand ones. Always ask before you book lessons with other schools how old are your bikes? Unfortunately it is not uncommon to find that they will use bikes that are 12 to 15 years old and more, or really cheap chinese imports.
If in doubt go & have a look and see what they offer first, then come to see ours.
Every month (as well as the daily checks) all bikes and scooters are given a full safety check and details are recorded. All full services are carried out by the service department at P&H Motorcycles by their factory trained technicians. We have a very simply policy on maintenance, we do not cut corners, we only use genuine parts and high quality tyres (Metzler, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Etc).


Kawasaki KLX 125. 2016 2016 Kawasaki LKX 125
As part of our Kawasaki Rider Training Services package we have just put a brand new KLX 125 on the fleet (November 2016)
The KLX is a fantastic bike for learning to ride for your CBT or taking your full A1 test on, it is a 124cc bike with a seat height of 830mm making it ideal for the taller rider. Our KLX has been fitted with a genuine DLB kit to as to minimise any potential damage.



Kawasaki ER6-N. 20162016 Kawasaki ER650
As part of our Kawasaki Rider Training Services package we have just put 2 brand new bikes on the fleet (August 2016)
The ER6 is a wonderful bike for taking your full A test on, it is a 649cc bike making it perfect for the new test requirements (minimum of 595cc) We started using ER-6's in 2009 before the law first changed to the new two part test, well ahead of other schools. Our Kawasaki's have also been fitted with genuine DLB kits to as to minimise any potential damage.



Yamaha YBR 125. 2016Yamaha_YBR_125_2016
(March 2016)
Yamaha's YBR 125 is an ideal lightweight machine for learners to take the CBT course and your full A1 test on.
The total weight is only 126 Kgs including petrol & oil, the seat height is 780mm meaning this is an extremely easy machine to get on with.We have fitted very lightweight DLB's so that the front of the bike is protected in the unlikley event that the bike "falls over".


2015 Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07. 2015
(May 2015)
The MT-07 is a brand new bike from yamaha that services both the need of our A2 and full A licence holders. Being only 170kg it is a class leader, being light weight combined with a seat height of only 805mm it is ideal for learning to ride on. They are also equipped with ABS for your safety.
Our Yamaha MT-07's have also been fitted with genuine DLB and R&G protection kits to as to minimise any potential damage.


Honda SH125 Automatic Scooter

Honda SH125 mode Scooters. 2015
(January 2015)
Brand new for this season we have just bought two of these excellent scooters for you to take lessons,CBT or the full A1 test. Very easy & comfortable to ride, ideal for budding commuters to learn on before moving up to a larger scooter.




Yamaha X-Max 400 Scooters. 2014 Yamaha Xmax 400 Auto Scooters
(March 2014)
Brand new for 2015. We now have two of these brilliant scooters for you to train & test on if you would like to ride medium sized scooters A2 (400-600cc) These are ideal for commuting on or long distance & riding with a passenger.





Honda Vision Scooters

Honda Vision Scooters. 2012
(September 2012)
We use these excellent little bikes for our automatic CBT courses, they are very easy to ride and very forgiving, especially for the 16 year Old’s that are learning to ride for the first time or anyone that wishes to learn to ride on an automatic. We have fitted these scooters with bespoke DLB's (Damage Limitation Bars) so in the unlikely event that they "fall over" the scratches or otherwise are kept to a minimum.


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