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14 December 2019

How to Pass your Full Bike Licence

Passing a Full Motorcycle Licence

At present to ride any motorbike in the UK without L-Plates, ride on motorways and carry passengers, you will first complete A CBT, pass the motorcycle theory test and then have to take and pass the full motorcycle test, this is conducted at a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A.) test centre and consists of two parts, Module 1 and Module 2.

Wherever you live, best advice from us is to visit your local school before you spend any money, as standards will range hugely from professional ATB's that take care of everything for you & supply full safety kit, new bikes & premisies 7days a week, through to others that only rent school playgrounds on a weekend, working out the back of a van with 15 year old bikes! Don’t just believe what is written on websites, as with everything in life you get what you pay for.

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What size bike you can ride will depend on your age and what size of bike you take the test on.

A1 125cc Motorcycle LicenceAt 17 Years old or above then you can take the A1 Lightweight Bike Test to enable you to get rid of the L-Plates , carry passengers & never have to take a CBT again!

A2 $7Bhp Motorcycle Licence If you are 19 Years old or over or just wish to ride bikes of around 250-600cc see our A2 Standard Bike Test page.

DAS Full A Motorcycle Licence If you are over 24 then please look at the full A Direct Access page, this will allow you to ride any size bike with any power output.

Before any motorbike test or Scooter test can be booked or taken you must be in possesion of a current C.B.T. certificate AND a Motorcycle Theory Test Certificate.

The documents you are required to present to your exaiminer on the test day include:

Pay Monthly Motorcycle Lessons

To ride as a Learner on L-Plates.

50-125cc on L-Plates50cc Moped125cc on L-PlatesCBTYou can ride a manual or automatic for 2 years on L-Plates with a C.B.T. certificate but you DO NOT have to take a theory test to do this.

At 16 you can ride a 50cc Moped. At 17 you can ride a 125cc.
The only way to guarantee you will pass the motorcycle test is to get the correct amount of training and/or experience before booking the test appointment and the safest way to do this is to have your riding assessed first by a professional instructor.

If you are a complete beginner and have never ridden before and it is a full licence you want, we would suggest the following:

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