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6 December 2019

How to pass your CBT

How to pass a CBT

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Compulsory Basic TrainingAs a C.B.T (Compulsory Basic Training) is not a test you cannot really "fail" but you could fail complete the training necessary in order to ride to a safe standard (being in FULL control of the bike) in one day, so that you can be given a certificate to ride as a learner on the public road.
This is especially the case if you have never ridden a motorcycle or scooter before, and even more relevant if the machine you wish to ride is manual (clutch and gears). Automatic scooters are inherently a lot easier to ride as they only have front and rear brakes and a throttle to cope with but that still does not mean that you will be guaranteed to learn to do it all in one day.

We have put this page together as we really do appreciate that everybody learns at different rates and that anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle or scooter is made fully aware of all the facts and information before booking or taking any training.
This is compounded by the fact that a Compulsory Basic Training Course is group based learning and there maybe 3-4 other people in your group who may or may not have ridden before.

As a professional motorcycle training school (* A.T.B.) we are a commercial business just like the other 499 schools in the U.K. and whilst we do everything we can to group people of the same standards together for motorbike lessons, this is not always possible.
Nerves, apprehension or even being unsure of the outcome can make a big difference to the effectiveness of any learning environment, especially one where you have to "perform" in front of strangers.

Cycling ability
You must be able to ride a bicycle competently with good control and balance before the start of the course and display good control of the cycle

If you read the syllabus and approximate timetable on our CBT page, you will see that there is an incredible amount of information we have to make you aware of in the time allowed.
So below are a few bullet points to take into consideration before booking or taking a training course.

Remember to be taken out on the public road to complete Module E, you must first demonstrate that you are 100% in control of the motorcycle during Module C, as you will appreciate it would be wholly irresponsible, not to mention dangerous to allow you to ride on the road unless you are able to demonstrate to your instructor the skills required, and this will take you as long as it takes.
Remember how long it took you to drive a car safely 100% of the time without having to think about the controls before using them? and thats well before passing the full D.S.A car test.

If you are a complete beginner and have never ridden a motorcycle before and it is a CBT you require, we would suggest the following:

  1. Never ridden a bike before? Get some lessons before attempting a CBT.
  2. Take CBT safe in the knowledge you already have full control of the motorcycle (especially with clutch and gears).
  3. Recieve CBT Certificate (DL196) at the end of the day and then ride for two years on L-Plates. (no passengers or riding on motorways) this will

* A.T.B. - Approved Training Body

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