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6 December 2019

CBT - Compulsory Basic Training


Compulsory Basic TrainingCBT is not a test, It is a 5 part modular training course run over the duration of one day, designed for riders to show a competent and safe level of riding on the public road before being issued with a DL196 Certificate, which will last you two years from the date of issue. You do not need to take your motorcycle theory test before completing a CBT, but if you have never been on the road before then it is strongly recommended that you practise one.

book a motorcycle CBT onlineThe course is designed to get you off to the right start on your motorcycling career, and also helps to prepare you for the practical motorcycle test.

Here at ART all of our courses are run at no more than a 2:1 student to instructor ratio, so no large groups to worry about.

It is important to note that the two biggest reasons for not gaining a certificate are:
Car licence holders do not complete due to lack of experience in machine control and young provisional licence holders not understanding the Highway Code. Available online

Getting Started
New Rider CourseIf you have never ridden a manual bike before (Clutch & Gears) we would strongly suggest that you consider one of our New Rider Courses first, this is a 90 minute one to one session with a qualified instructor on our 18,000 sq ft training pad with no pressure of having to do well in front of a group of strangers, very important if you are at all nervous or anxious about riding a motorcycle for the first time.

The course starts with an explanation of the course format and what involved. This includes a discussion on the correct type of safety clothing and helmets to wear, the Highway Code and how to carry out basic maintenance checks on your machine.
Helping you to improve you skills and confidence you will spend half a day in our safe off road training facility learning how to pull away, stop correctly, demonstrate emergency stops, gear changing and cornering. The second half of the day will be spent out on the road. This is structured to reinforce and expand your newly acquired skills. If you are competent and show the instructor that you can ride in a safe and proficient manner you will then receive your DL196 certificate.

Automatic and Manual machines
As far as the law is concerned, the certificate is valid for either automatic or manual machines up to a maximum of 125cc, regardless of the type of machine used on the course. Which is a bit daft if you take on an automatic and then ride a manual with no training!
Please see here for the official DVSA information page.

At 16 years old you may ride up to a 50cc Moped only once CBT is completed
At 17+ years old you may ride up to a 125cc machine once CBT is completed

CBT Syllabus, Typical timetable. This will be flexable, as everyone learns at different rates.
Please arrive early for the Start Time of08.30
Please note start times of all modules are approximate and should not be taken as what will happen on the day.
Your instructor will introduce himself to you, check your Driving Licence and eyesight, and explain the course format.
Module A - The aims of the course
This section explains the need for correct clothing, and what to look for when you buy it and also on the importance of wearing protective clothing & legality of safety helmets Kit you out with all safety gear as necessary
Module B - Approximate start around 09.30
You will be introduced to your motorcycle or scooter, and the instructor will explain the controls. You will also be given some guidance on basic machine maintenance, with special emphasis on safety.
Module C - Approximate start around 10.00
This is where you start learning to ride, beginning with moving off and stopping and developing your skills through a variety of exercises until you are ready to go on the road.
Elements in which competence must be shown:

It is very important to note, if you are not in full control of your motorcycle by lunchtime, you will not be allowed to ride on the public road in the afternoon and will be required to book further training so you may return to complete the course on another day.
Lunch Break - Between 12:00 - 13:00
The instructor will give you a short break, either during or at the end of Module C. it is advisable to bring lunch with you as there are no local shops
Module D - Approximate start between 12:30 - 13:30
This is a classroom based session about how to ride on the road safely. You are expected to already have a good understanding of the Highway Code. £2.50 from all good bookshops or the ART office or available online Here
Module E - Approximate start between 13:00 - 14:00
Minimum (legal requirement) two hour road ride. Your instructor will issue you with a radio, ready for your on-road session. This will last at least 2 hours, and will involve a variety of roads. There will be regular stops to discuss aspects of the ride, with debriefing sessions and discussion of various road hazards to include:

Finish Time Approx 16:15 - 17:15 (dependant on experience of student, also time of year)

Small print

Compulsory Basic Training is not a test, it is a one day course designed for students to reach a competent and safe level of riding on the road. This comprises of a five part modular course that you must complete one module at a time to a safe & satisfactory standard.
It is important to take into account if you have never ridden a motorcycle or moped before you may not reach this standard in one day.

If you have a full or provisional UK car licence, your provisional motorcycle entitlement, category A is included.
Please make sure that you have your plastic card UK driving licence. If old style paper only licence issued before 1998 this is fine.
You will need a vaild passport only for Practical and Theory Tests.

Cycling ability
You must be able to ride a bicycle competently with good control and balance of the bicycle before booking or starting any motorbike training course.

Please note any discounted lesson or CBT cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or sale promotion from P&H or ART.

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